Our course is one-day practical NFPA 70E training.

About Our Training

  • We do not teach people to memorize OSHA regulations or the 70E standard language.

  • Instead, we illustrate the concepts of how the regulations and standards should shape your everyday work procedures.

  • We will accomplish this by doing numerous exercises in the classroom involving your electrical equipment as examples.

  • We do not use contractors. Daryn would be your instructor.

  • We don’t sell any other products or services. Therefore, you won’t get a sales pitch for an arc flash assessment, PPE, FR clothing, etc.

One-Day Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Training Low Voltage Qualified

    Our training includes the arc flash training you need. We cover 70E in such a way as to help prevent your folks from being injured. It is not a class of memorizing lines of safety code, but rather a class focused on teaching a safer way to work. Our NFPA 70E training is very practical and taught by practical people with years of industry experience. Arc flash PPE selection using the PPE category method as well as the incident energy analysis method. Test equipment categories and proper meter selection is covered. Our training doesn’t stress memorization of standard language but rather how to work safer and avoid exposure to electrical hazards.
    Training is only part of what an employer needs to do to compliant with 70E. The employer alone must designate which employees are considered qualified to work on electrical equipment and be exposed to electrical hazards. Then, at least annually that employee must demonstrate to the employer that they are following the proper procedures spelled out in 70E. To go from zero knowledge in electrical work to a fully qualified person takes years. You must understand the equipment, know how to determine nominal voltage, be able to select and use the appropriate voltmeter to verify for zero volts, understand current standards and procedures, reduce the associated risks and much more.
    70E/Arc Flash Course For Qualified
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