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  • Electrical Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Workers
  • Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers
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Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training
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electrical safety trainingelectrical safety training
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Electrical Safety Elevator Pitch

OSHA requires unqualified people to receive training for the electrical hazards that they’re exposed to. Now, when it comes to qualified people, you have to be qualified to do the electrical task that you’re performing. Under the word qualified comes a lot of things: We’re talking about training, we’re talking about being able to demonstrate…

Critical Electrical Safety Targets

Make sure these get done!   De-energize. Unless the employer can justify live work, it is not permitted. Live testing and troubleshooting are allowed, but altering the circuit live is difficult to justify. Workers must be qualified for each electrical task they perform, and the electrical hazard they are exposed to. Workers must know how to…

What Is A Qualified Electrician?

Limitations Of Live Electrical Work First, let’s begin with the limitations of live electrical work. Hopefully, the only live work your people are performing is verification of zero volts during lockout/tagout and maybe some troubleshooting and other diagnostic work. Repair of electrical circuits, that is replacing of components or altering the circuit in any way,…

OSHA Training Requirements For Electrical Safety

OSHA Training Requirements For Electrical Safety Based on the number of questions I get from clients, the electrical safety-related OSHA training requirements can be confusing. In simple terms, a company has to provide electrical safety-related work practices and train employees on them. A worker has to be qualified, trained and can demonstrate skills, on any…

Up To Date

The Latest Electrical Safety Standards

No Sales Pitch

Electrical Safety Training Is Our Passion – We Won’t Try To Sell You Other Products Or Services

Experience Matters

Nearly 30 Years Of Experience Teaching Electrical Personnel

Practical Guide To Arc Flash and NFPA 70E PDF

Electrical Safety Training

Practical Training Delivered In A Way That Fits Your Needs – Not Ours.

Our Electrical Safety Training

is designed for your personnel who are exposed to electrical hazards. We provide electrical safety courses that cover arc flash, shock, OSHA 1910 Subpart S and NFPA 70E. We won’t try to sell you an arc flash analysis or other canned online safety courses read by someone pretending to know what they are talking about. Our experience comes from working in electrical maintenance and repair. Your employees attending this class will learn the latest in electrical safety standards and regulations. This training goes toward satisfying your OSHA training requirement and will produce electrical workers more aware of the hazards and how to reduce the risk. This course reflects the evolution of NFPA 70E in the direction of risk assessment and hazard elimination. The hierarchy of risk controls will be discussed in a way that can be applied right away. Shock and Arc Flash hazard PPE selection are covered in detail. Real-world scenarios and OSHA citations will be discussed to see what the group thinks could have been done differently. OSHA 1910, as well as NFPA 70E, will be discussed. We can incorporate your facility’s electrical safety program, arc flash incident energy analysis report and equipment labeling, into the class if you’d like. Your people will walk out of this class better prepared for work involving electrical hazards.

    • Arc Flash – 70E Training
    • On-site Customized Training
    • Qualified – Manager – Basic Electrical Safety
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Experience Matters

Daryn Lewellyn

Daryn Lewellyn

25 years ago I founded Lewellyn Technology as an industrial electrical training company. Running that company was the greatest experience of my life. I loved the employees and the daily contact with our customers. I sold the company in 2012 and miss people and the work terribly. A lot has changed in 25 years, especially in electrical safety training & delivery. Electrical Training Pro uses a new model for doing business that is not constrained by burdensome overhead, many layers of management and outdated technology. Training that is timely, convenient and cost-effective. Training, when you need it, how you need it. Much of our training and content will be free and available 24/7 on any device. We can also come to your facility for customized on-site training. I’ve been an electrical instructor/speaker for almost 30 years. Electrical safety training is my passion.