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Our electrical safety training courses are developed for your maintenance and repair personnel. We provide general industry electrical safety courses covering OSHA 1910 Subpart S and NFPA 70E – Low Voltage (600 Volts Or Less). Our training focuses on people working safely.
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Nearly 30 Years Of Experience Teaching Electrical Maintenance Personnel

Electrical Safety Training

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Our electrical safety training

is designed for your maintenance and repair personnel who are exposed to electrical hazards. We provide electrical safety courses that cover arc flash, shock, OSHA 1910 Subpart S and NFPA 70E. We won’t try to sell you an arc flash analysis or other canned online safety courses read by someone pretending to know what they are talking about. Our experience comes from working in electrical maintenance and repair. Your employees attending this class will learn the latest in electrical safety standards and regulations. This training goes toward satisfying your OSHA training requirement and will produce electrical maintenance workers more aware of the hazards and how to reduce the risk. This course reflects the evolution of NFPA 70E in the direction of risk assessment and hazard elimination. The hierarchy of risk controls will be discussed in a way that can be applied right away. Shock and Arc Flash hazard PPE selection is covered in detail. Real-world scenarios and OSHA citations will be discussed to see what the group thinks could have been done differently. OSHA 1910 as well as NFPA 70E will be discussed. We can incorporate your facility’s electrical safety program, arc flash incident energy analysis report and equipment labeling, into the class if you’d like. Your people will walk out of this class better prepared for work involving electrical hazards.

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