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Electrical Safety Training for Qualified Workers Course

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May 8, 2024June 12, 2024July 10, 2024August 14, 2024
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$799 Group Size Up To 10$900 Group Size Up To 20$1,100 Group Size Up To 30$1,500 Group Size Up To 40

How does it work?

Your employees participating in this class will learn the latest in electrical safety standards and regulations. This training goes toward satisfying your OSHA training requirement and will produce workers more aware of the hazards and how to reduce the risk. This course reflects the evolution of NFPA 70E in the direction of risk assessment and hazard elimination. The hierarchy of risk controls will be discussed in a way that can be applied right away. Shock and Arc Flash hazard PPE selection is covered in detail. Real-world scenarios and OSHA citations will be discussed. OSHA 1910 as well as NFPA 70E will be discussed. We can incorporate your facility’s electrical safety program, arc flash incident energy analysis report and equipment labeling, into the class if you’d like. Your people will walk out of this class better prepared for work involving electrical hazards.

This course is for:
Companies with multiple locations
When not everyone can attend the course
New hires
Upon purchase of this program, an email will be sent to you containing the links for accessing the training. We use Microsoft Teams to host our live webinars.

The webinar is four hours in length but can vary based on the number of questions. The instructor shares the presentation slides and will deliver the course. The instructor’s voice will be heard on your computer audio; no telephones need be involved. Attendees can ask questions by typing the question into the chat box. The instructor will answer live. Attendees can be logged in as a group with several people watching the same screen in a conference room, or individually at a separate location.

How does it work?

Upon purchase of this program, an email will be sent to you with the links for accessing the training and details on how it will work. We use Microsoft Teams video conferencing service. Can be customized for your site.
  • Works for one student or a hundred
  • Attendees can ask questions & give feedback
  • No travel expenses for instructor or attendees
  • Attendees can be in multiple locations
  • Can drastically reduce the cost of training
  • Ensure that multiple locations receive the same training
  • All attendees receive certificates
  • The course can be broken up
  • Scheduling is easier
  • Simplifies training on multiple shifts
  • Your training budget will stretch further
  • 70E Electrical Safety Training Course for Qualified Workers

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