70E Electrical Safety Calendar Reminders

The 70E Electrical Safety Calendar Reminders helps you remember those things that nag on you. Those things that need to be done annually, every three years, or in six months or twelve months after something else happens. We tried to capture it all here.


70E Electrical Safety Calendar Reminders

Mark your calendar, there are things we are required to do on schedule. Training, audits, visual inspections, testing, etc. are required by NFPA 70E to be accomplished on a strict schedule. We have gathered those here to help remind you when these things need to be done.

Electrical Safety Program Audit

Intervals not to exceed 3 years

An audit of your program must occur at least every 3 years to verify the principles and procedures are still in compliance with 70E. Article 110

Field Work Audit

Intervals not to exceed 1 year

Fieldwork must be audited at least once a year to verify that the principles and procedures in the electrical safety program are being followed. Article 110

Lockout/Tagout Program and Procedures

Intervals not to exceed 1 year

Your lockout/tagout program and procedures must be audited at least annually to verify they are in compliance with Article 120 of 70E. At least one LOTO in progress must be covered. This audit must include all of your procedures for all of your equipment. Not just your overall program. The purpose of this audit is to identify and correct deficiencies in your program & procedures, training, and execution of loto procedures. Article 110

Electrical Safety Retraining

Intervals not to exceed 3 years

Many things can trigger retraining or the need for additional training that is not related to a calendar date. Among them are non-compliance discovered during normal supervision or the annual fieldwork audit, new equipment, unfamiliar tasks and work practices and a change of duties. You need to be aware of this complete list in 70E. Otherwise, your qualified electrical workers must be retrained every 3 years. Article 110

Lockout/Tagout Procedures Retraining

Intervals not to exceed 3 years

Retraining is also triggered by a change in procedures or if the annual audit indicates that the employee is not complying. Article 110

Incident Energy Analysis

Intervals not to exceed 5 years

The analysis must be reviewed for accuracy at least every five years. The analysis must be updated when a change is made to the electrical distribution system that could affect the results. Article 130

Equipment Labeling

Intervals not to exceed 5 years

The equipment label includes nominal system voltage, arc flash boundary and arc flash PPE selection information such as incident energy or PPE category. Each label and the supporting data must be reviewed for accuracy at least every 5 years. Article 130

Visually Inspect Protective Equipment & Protective Tools

Interval not to exceed 1 year

Equipment such as grounding equipment, hot sticks, rubber gloves, sleeves, and leather protectors, test instruments, blanket and similar insulating equipment, insulating mats and similar insulating equipment, protective barriers, external circuit breaker rack-out devices, portable lighting units, temporary protective grounding equipment, dielectric footwear, protective clothing, bypass jumpers, insulated and insulating hand tools must be visually inspected before initial use, each use thereafter and as service conditions require. Article 250

Insulation Test Of Protective Equipment & Tools

Interval not to exceed 3 years

The equipment listed in the previous entry that is used as primary protection from shock hazards and requires an insulation system to ensure protection of personnel, shall be verified by the appropriate test and visual inspection to ascertain that insulating capability has been retained before initial use, and at intervals thereafter, as service conditions and applicable standards and instructions require, but in no case shall the interval exceed 3 years. Article 250

Visually Inspect Personal Protective Ground Cable Sets

Intervals not to exceed 1 year

Inspected as service conditions require and at least annually. Article 250

Contact Release Refresher Training,

Shall occur annually

Workers exposed to shock hazards and those responsible for safe release shall be trained on methods of safe release. Article 110

First Aid And CPR

Frequency satisfying the certifying body

Those responsible for responding to medical emergencies must be trained in first aid, emergency procedures, CPR and automatic external defibrillator (AED) if provided. Employees responding might be a second person, safety watch or a craftsperson. Article 110

Verification Of Contact Release & Emergency Response Training


This training must be verified annually to confirm it is current. Regardless of how often the training is required, it must be verified that each employee is current. Article 110

Test Of Abnormal Battery Conditions Alarm


Instrumentation that provides alarms for early warning of abnormal conditions of battery operation, if present, shall be tested annually. Article 320

This has been created as a helpful reminder for those managing electrical safety programs. It is not a substitute for NFPA 70E. This piece includes paraphrasing and truncated standard language. You must access NFPA 70E for details and what is required at each of these intervals.

I hope the 70E Electrical Safety Calendar Reminders will be helpful. For more information on dates.